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Remote Teaching Guidelines

This resource is designed to support teachers in making a quick and efficient transition into teaching in an online environment.

It introduces the main principles of remote teaching that provide for effective student learning, engagement and knowledge retention.

It also provides straightforward guidelines for effective design and development of online materials and live sessions, which are manageable from the teacher perspective and create an effective and engaging learning experience for students.

This resource is a collaborative project by learning designers from the Imperial College London’s Faculty of Medicine. See the Contributors section below. 

Where to start

Click here to find out where to start your transition to remote teaching.

Recommended model

Find out about a remote teaching model based on flipped classroom principles.


Check out these options for converting face-to-face delivery into remote equivalents.

Designing for remote delivery

Find out more about designing and writing content for remote delivery.

Case studies

Click here to see examples of remote teaching in practice

Digital baseline

Click here to view our digital learning framework.


Agata Sadza

Dr Agata Sadza

Learning Design Lead 

Emma Blyth

Emma Blyth

Senior Learning Designer

Katie Stripe

Katie Stripe

Senior Learning Designer

Disclaimer: The guidance on this website is professional best practice, based on existing pedagogical research and experience of digital education professionals at Imperial College and beyond. It can and should be adapted to fit the specific requirements of individual programmes and modules. Some of the tools and solutions mentioned may only be applicable to specific programmes and teams. Please contact one of the Contributors for further advice.

If you are not Imperial College Faculty of Medicine staff and you are interested in using Padlet, Zoom or Coursera for teaching purposes, please note that these are Faculty of Medicine applications, which are not supported by other Faculties and ICT. Please discuss your ideas and requirements with your Faculty Digital Learning team, who will be able to advise you regarding alternatives.